I am afraid to go to sleep

I don't know whether you noticed, but I dusted and cleaned my place out today. So clean that I lost every single one of my links. I have no idea where they all went ... out in cyberland somewhere. Therefore, I have had to try to recreate my links. I still have not figured out how to put back Beth Moore studies and Experiencing God Bible studies.

I know that I have left off some favorites because my list looks a lot shorter than it used to, I'm thinking. So... if you are left off... please, email me or post a comment! I am old and I just don't have the brain power I used to have so... please, help me out here.

Btw... How do you like the new place? Does it load to slow? Can you read the posts okay?

I cannot tell you the frustration and the joy, the headaches and the fun that I have had trying to find the right graphics for my blog. I would really like to hear your comments! Truly.
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