Be It Known

It's really rather scary.

I was researching a company on the net. I found several references and it is quite impressive. I didn't find any white papers, though. Then I got to thinking about all the net searches concerning me (yep, they show up on my tracking). [edited at 9:25 pm to add this part] I found lots of references to me and the scary part is that for a fee, a lot of personal information about any person you can think of is available. Skip-tracing made easy.

I made a commitment several years ago that I wanted to leave enough evidence to so there would be zero doubt I belong to the Lord God Almighty. I did a net search on my name and... WOW... I just thought my name was unique. In a name database, there are no less than 10 Gina Burgess names; none of them mine. There is a lovely Gina Burgess who is a virtuoso violinist. She's quite lovely. Another one in Australia who quilts the most lovely quilts. Another one has a wonderful reputation in fire prevention and has written several pamphlets about it and works for the federal government. There's another in the UK who has done quite a lot in her community; she has even quit smoking just like me.

So, I got to thinking about all this. Our names are the same, but we are all very unique. We do not look the same or have the same talents, although I do believe we have several interests in common. The main thing in common is our name.

I did not find any Gina Burgess who had been a "bad girl". None were in prison or were arrested or had abortions reported. All were of good reputation. That made me feel... hmmm... Proud!

I now have a clue how God must feel when His children who are known by His name act right, are of good reputation, are noted for doing His work... who look like their Daddy.

If anyone thinks what they do is a secret... just do a Google on your name. You'll be surprised at what you will find. Nothing we do is in secret. It will all come to the light.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret that shall not be revealed; nor secret which shall not be known and come to be revealed.

Even when we take special care to keep our good works anonomyous, God sees...
Matthew 6:6 But you, when you pray, enter into your room and shutting your door, pray to your Father in secret. And your Father seeing in secret will repay you in the open.
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