Opinionated, Moi?

I am truly, incredibly opinionated. I know that comes as a deep shock to a lot of you. Take a deep breath... sit down... breathe. Okay. Now.

Why would I confess to all the world that I'm opinionated? I don't know. Well, actually I do know. I have an opinion on just about everything that I read.

Me: "Oh, good grief!"

HBL: "What, babe?"

Me: "Did you read this about the lady that was mortally wounded by an alligator?"

HBL: "Yeah... they found two female arms in its stomach."

Country Music Awards program blaring in the background. My beloved doesn't know that muting the TV is best when trying to carry on a conversation about the alligator with two female arms in its stomach.

Me: "Yes! How could a nine foot alligator eat two arms off a woman that has two legs and can run? That makes no sense. One arm, maybe, but two?"

Then the chick that won the award for the best female video comes on. We're all holding our breath... who will it be? Faith Hill? Nope. Jesus wins! Hoo-ray. Jesus take the Wheel! I'm duly impressed and I'm fixin' to say so to HBL when the chick goes to the microphone and talks and talks and talks about how nice everyone in the CW arena is to her. I'm quite sure that everyone who's tried to make a break into CW was just panting to hear that one. Thank you, she says to everyone... just everyone. But, guess who she left out.

Is there something wrong with that picture... or am I just being opinionated?
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