Believe It

The prayers of righteous people avail much!

I get home from taking Mom to the eye doctor (good report no more bleeding and she can see better with these shots -- hoo-ray), so, I get home and after lugging on all the stuff and putting it all away, I check my email.

I have two jobs. One is writing which I adore! Okay, technical writing, but it's writing. The other one I'm going to have to pray hard about. Its more an investment in my business than a job right now. Does one invest in business with a lot of sweat, hard work and no pay up front in order to make a whole lot of moola later on with excellent credentials to add to one's resume? I'm going to have to pray really hard about this one.

I now know what praying something through really means. I prayed all night long. When I fell asleep, God woke me up and I kept praying. It is an amazing experience when God wakes you up in the middle of the night to talk with Him. Has that ever happened to you? Care to share?

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