Whisperings of Love William Adolphe Bouguereau

I do not think I will finish the post from yesterday. It is too dark and filled with too many painful memories of my past. I much prefer to be like Paul and stretch forward, forgetting the past and persuing the wonders God has in store for the future. I saw this painting in the New Orleans Museum of Art at City Park when I went to visit my daughter. I fell in love with it and tried to take a picture of it (even though you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, only the sculptures outside). Then I found this in the gift shop. I wanted to share it with you.

I look at it and am transported to the Italian villa tucked away on the hillside of the foothills of the Alps. The summer sun presses down on her and warms her skin as it warms her heart. She has just paused in her duties to dream of the young man who will become her husband. Her dress had just a slight stain from the things she has been washing; her hands still red from the effort. Her complexion is clear and her eyes gaze into the future with great hope.

Her work reddened hands will soon be taking care of her own home and because she has been excellently schooled by her mother, she is at peace with the thought.

She is relaxed, but there is a hint of excitement in her pose, her foot poised directly beneath her, ready to bring her up straight. Perhaps she hears a horse in the distance?The smile that dazzeled her young man is just on the verge of breaking forth. Her ear slightly tuned to the cupid's whisper of love. The smile is one that says, "I don't need your persuasion, Cupid, for I love enough in my own heart. Fly away little one and persuade my young man that I am worth far more than rubies and gold. My love is has no bonds, but embraces with arms filled with the warmth of the sun." Posted by Picasa
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