Before we do Faithfulness/Fidelity...

...I want to take a minute to savor something.

I've only been to one wine tasting in my entire life, and that was before I knew I was allergic to wine. Thank goodness, when you taste wine you roll it around in your mouth and then you spit it out. If I had swallowed all that wine, I seriously doubt my head would still be attached to my body. The headache I had was so intense... well, that's another story.

Let's consider something for a moment. Let's roll this around and breathe it and taste it.

In one hand we have God's sovereign will. In the other we have His desiring will. We know about God's desires from Peter who wrote about how God does not desire anyone to perish but for all to come to Him and be saved. That's in 2 Peter 3:9

Therefore there is a perfectness about that desiring will which passes understanding. Is it better to ask that God's will be done or better and more perfect to ask that God's desires be put into our hearts? The Psalmist promises that if we delight in the Lord He will give us the desires of our heart. Isn't it better to ask God to give us His desires?

Instead of just tasting God's desires, swallow them. I do not believe they will be sweet on the tongue but sour in the belly as the little scroll was for John in Revelation. Nor, do I believe that His desires will give us a headache like that wine did to me. I do believe that asking for God's desires in our heart will give us a much greater understanding of Him and will give us a much deeper contentment than ever before experienced.

Perhaps some wise preacher has preached that to you before and you've got it written in your Bible somewhere. I have never heard that before. It was only when my grief was so great that I came to realize how much better it is to be centered in God's will, not my own. How much greater it is to be centered in His desires! That is so huge, it has taken me a week to simply digest it.

So I ask that God put His desires in my heart so that I might be all He desires me to be. I seriously doubt that road will be an easy road to travel. It is probably going to be fraught (isn't that a wonderful word?) fraught with all kinds of danger because Satan hates us to be in God's will... how much more he hates for us to be in God's desires.

Here's to an Awesome God Who reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God.
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