Pakistan's and the $20 billion +

"Business as usual will not be there," Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani told CNN when asked if ties with the United States would continue. "We have to have something bigger so as to satisfy my nation… Pakistan shut down NATO supply routes into Afghanistan in retaliation for the weekend shooting incident, the worst of its kind since Islamabad allied itself with Washington in 2001.” (Reuters, Nov. 28, 2011)

Oh, ye, of small ears and big hands and minute memory!

“The U.S. gave $20.7 billion in military and economic development aid to Pakistan from fiscal 2002 through fiscal 2011, according to a new report that FOX Business has obtained that was issued by specialists in South Asian Affairs for the Congressional Research Service [CRS] to Congress on May 6.” The U.S. gave Pakistan $14.2 billion in total military related aid, $8.9 billion of which came out of the Pentagon’s budget (in a footnote CRS says this is technically not foreign assistance, its "is Pentagon funding to reimburse Pakistan for its support of U.S. military operations; it is technically not foreign assistance.") Out of that $14.2 billion, other expenditures were for things like counterinsurgency and financial support for its military. 

Here is another kick in the teeth (Osama ben Ladin living serenely in Paskistan was another). We have a snake by the tail and no one seems to recognize it. We have quit demanding something of value for our money. Why should any country consider us a force to be reckoned with if we keep doling out cash for little return on investment?

I find this fiasco intolerable. The U.S. should have put a pinching pressure on Pakistan the instant our troops killed OBL, and the instant (2008 to be exact) they found OBL, they should have turned off the faucet of money to Pakistan until “the people of that nation” realized just how much they depended upon us American tax payers. The amount of money we have given Pakistan is small compared to the $5 trillion added to the deficit, but as I learned years ago pennies add up and soon you have a dollar, and $5 can make or break a budget, especially if you are minus $5 to pay the electric bill.

If we continue in this vein, we will be embalmed without any blood flow to the brain. That means we’ll be brain dead, and I think that has been the situation in Washington for at least 3 years.

O God, Thou Art My God. Psalm 63:1

You Are My GodO God, Thou Art My God. Psalm 63:1

You are my God, You are my King.
You are my Master, in everything.
You are my LORD.
That’s why I sing to You.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Why accusations against Herman Cain aren't really real

When Herman Cain only had three percent rating, no one cared enough if he was the very best or not. He just wasn't at the front of the pack, so no one thought he was a serious contender. Then we recognized his message was sensible, and he was saying things that could work. My goodness, a business man in the White House, what a novel idea! Except business men founded our country, along with farmers, and marketers, all of them men who had brains in their heads.

Now we have two nameless women who vowed to silence after getting a monetary settlement, albeit a very modest settlement. The woman who sued McDonald's for her own idiotic spilling hot coffee on her self and won had enough sense not to sign a silence agreement. She could have written a book: How to Sue a Major Corporation for Your Own Stupid Mistake. Didn't these women have enough foresight to know there's more money in the future if you just write a book?

Now these women are trying to get NRA to release them from their vow of silence so they can tell their story and get more money. If someone had sexually harassed me like they claim Herman Cain harassed them, and I actually filed suit, I wouldn't settle for the money. It isn't supposed to be about money, is it? It's supposed to be about making sure men don't hassel women in the work place. Oh, I've had my share of sexual harassment, I just never filed suit about it. I quit the job and found another.

However, these women promised to never talk about this in exchange for money. They've already broken their vow, which means they lied. So how reliable is their information? Doesn't anyone recognize this for what it actually is? Ask Sarah Palin how these willow wisp accusations can take down a candidate (or governor) with no meat whatsoever, but it chokes just the same.

Politics is costing far more than doing good. When you follow the money, you know why politics is so dirty, you know why candidates spend so much of their own money to get a job that pays far less than any CEO could make with far more headaches. You also know why good men are accused of bad things.

I have been truly impressed by what Cain said, "Show me a perfect man and I'll show you Jesus Christ."

I have experienced spiritual warfare in the most raw and painful ways because you find yourself battling manufactured evidence. Too often the news media has not been held accountable for false reports, or reports filled with innuendo. If this were true, it would have been splashed all over the media after certification and they would never have given him enough time to combat the claims.