God's special ways

I think I've figured out why I lost my job. No, I still have no clue why the executive board decided to let me go... But, I do have some insight into why God allowed it.

I have let so many things go so I could focus on my work. Things like posting here and visiting my friends' blogs, and writing really GOOD columns for Live As If... rather than rehashing other things I've written. I think I've become stagnant. That is the kind of water that gets spewed from the mouth. The only good thing about it, is that it can be poured on seeds and they will sprout and grow. Now, I must open up to Him and let Him pour some of the refreshing living water in and on me so that I will be a pleasing fragrance to the LORD, again.

If you would be blessed, go read this. David Meigs is a Christian Writer friend whom I met on a Christian writing forum. He loves the LORD with all his heart and it shows all over his writing. What an awesome and wonderful God we serve. We can always depend upon Him. His strength, His blessings. Wonderful, Savior, there is no way to out give Him.

perpetual starter

Sometimes I think I am God's starter. He is constantly putting me in places where I am allowed to start so many good things, then He takes me out of that situation seemingly for no reason.

I lost my job on Friday. No reason given except they said they wanted the Chamber to go in a different direction. Let's see... The Chamber has more money in the bank that it had ever had before, it has more members than it ever had before. We had 6 new members within the first two weeks of the year... and they want the Chamber to go in a different direction. I hate to think which direction they want it to go.

Ah well, God will bless me in a different way, I have no doubt. He never takes away something without giving something back of much greater value. I've experienced this many times over. He will provide, not because I deserve it, but because He promised it... not because I believe it, but because God keeps His promises.