To will or not to will

I was discussing something with a dear friend and realized something.

It wasn't one of those lightening bolt things like I've had in the past. It was just a quiet nudge from God's elbow. I just love it when He does that.

Here I've been complaining about a soreness in my soul and not feeling at home and not feeling like I belong when all along God was trying to tell me that those feelings were just as fickle as a rainless cloud. All promise with nothing produced and no bite.

It is such a relief to stomp my foot at the devil and tell him to "Be gone, Satan, get thee behind me." He cannot hurt me, and he has tried. Oh I've felt a pinprick or two but nothing that could come close to a real hurt. Praise God.

Salva Bogu... that's Ukranian for Praise God. One of the young men in our church is going there this summer on a mission. There are several that he has asked prayer for. His name is David. If you've a mind to, please say a prayer for his health and his mission that God will use him in a mighty way.

Mom and I are praying about starting a neighborhood Bible study. Pray God presses His will into us and that He brings those to us that He wants to reach with this mission. I have deeply missed my weekly Bible study with my sisters in Newellton. Funny, but I haven't heard one peep from any of them.

I believe God designed it that way so I wouldn't look back to where He did not want me to be so that I would look forward ever pressing into His will. That is a most delightful place to be.

Thank you so much those of you who keep checking back on me even though I haven't been posting as often as I used to or visiting as often as I used to. I'll get better... I'm still dealing with boxes and I want to put up some cabinets in the garage. So much to do and so little time.

Saturday I was feeling deep stress because I had a plate full as well as a deep bowl and my cup ranneth over, too. I just asked God to manage the time and help me get it done. I got everything done on the list. Grass mowed, flowers planted, groceries bought, house cleaned, clothes washed, SS lesson studied and a long chat with a dear friend. That's a great day!


I was happily in the middle of breakfast when I heard that the Supreme Court had upheld Congress and President Bush’s aversion to the practice of partial-birth abortion.

There are rarely "no opinions" on the subject of abortion and it usually draws the proverbial line in the sand along with raising blood pressures.

However, this Supreme Court ruling is probably the most significant ruling since Roe v. Wade back in 1973. It is so unusual because for the first time in eons, the Congress, the President and the Supreme Court agree on a single issue: partial-birth abortion is "gruesome and inhumane."
I am pretty sure this is because Congress did their homework, gathering hours and hours of "testimony from extensive legislative hearings from the 104th, 105th, 107th, and 108th Congresses."

They found there is no credible medical evidence that partial-birth abortions are safe or are safer than other abortion procedures. A medical association states that it has never been an accepted medical practice. There has never been a documented case where partial birth abortion was required to save the life of the mother or preserve her health.

Congress also found, as stated in paragraph I, that the fetus is killed outside the womb and that gives the fetus an autonomy which separates it from the right of women to choose treatments of her own body. At last, some intelligent Congressional thinking. In paragraph J, Congress states that the partial-birth abortion confuses the medical, legal and ethical duties of physicians who are sworn to preserve and promote life. And this is why I find it so hard to understand why physicians would perform any type of abortions.

Paragraph K expresses concern that the killing of an infant after the birth has begun, undermines the public’s perception of the appropriate role of a physician and perverts the process in which life is brought into this world.

I’m inclined to believe this is most likely why the love of man is growing so cold and there is less and less regard for the sanctity of life regardless of age.

Congress calls this a process of "gruesome and inhumane nature", and it has "disturbing similarity to the killing of a newborn infant", and that the prohibition of partial-birth abortion is the only way to counter that disregard for human life.

"(M) The vast majority of babies killed during partial-birth abortions are alive until the end of the procedure. It is a medical fact, however, that unborn infants at this stage can feel pain when subjected to painful stimuli and that their perception of this pain is even more intense than that of newborn infants and older children when subjected to the same stimuli. Thus, during a partial-birth abortion procedure, the child will fully experience the pain associated with piercing his or her skull and sucking out his or her brain.

(N) Implicitly approving such a brutal and inhumane procedure by choosing not to prohibit it will further coarsen society to the humanity of not only newborns, but all vulnerable and innocent human life, making it increasingly difficult to protect such life. Thus Congress has a compelling interest in acting --indeed it must act--to prohibit this inhumane procedure."

This is purely my own opinion, of course, but since all this is worded with the "health of the mother" in mind as the only reason for abortion, what possible reason could the death of the infant be good for the health of the mother? I’ve got a really good imagination, and I have rummaged around in my cerebral sphere, but can’t fathom that one. Paragraph M states chilling truth.

I apologize

I have been very remiss lately by not posting at all regularly. I've let most of my other writing obligations slide, too, except for Live As If... I've started back there regularly and here sporadically and Studylight, I check in there every day.

Don Imus got fired but why? What did he do that was so horrible and okay for all the rappers and hip hop guys to do? I don't get it. Is he just a whitey that is the scape goat?

I think those that are protesting the most are the ones that are the blindest. The one of the girls on the basketball team said this, "was going to scar her for life."

Give me a break.

Let's take a test.
Pistol Pete Maravich and his LSU team won the final four for the world championship. They were the best college basketball team. Name the year and at least one other person on that team.

Ah ha... if fame can't follow a person around for years, what makes those girls think that a few words from a shock jock (someone paid to say shocking things) will scar them for life? They weren't even present when he said it.

Just like the people that spin out all that horrible and foul stuff that spews from the hip hop videos and so-called songs, rapper trash, they have every right to freedom of speech, so did Don Imus. I think it is a huge sign of the wickedness of our times. We just feed on the nasties. Our society is what makes the Don Imus' of this world possible. If no one listened to the trash, then it wouldn't be profitable, would it? Of course not.

Unfortunately, he still has a right. Fortunately, there is a thing called the FCC and that commisssion is supposed to keep the commercial air waves free of the most vile of all the trash.

They didn't fine CBS enough for showing the Jackson girls boob. And firing Don Imus is like closing the barn door after the horses have fled. The right thing, but the wrong timing.