I apologize

I have been very remiss lately by not posting at all regularly. I've let most of my other writing obligations slide, too, except for Live As If... I've started back there regularly and here sporadically and Studylight, I check in there every day.

Don Imus got fired but why? What did he do that was so horrible and okay for all the rappers and hip hop guys to do? I don't get it. Is he just a whitey that is the scape goat?

I think those that are protesting the most are the ones that are the blindest. The one of the girls on the basketball team said this, "was going to scar her for life."

Give me a break.

Let's take a test.
Pistol Pete Maravich and his LSU team won the final four for the world championship. They were the best college basketball team. Name the year and at least one other person on that team.

Ah ha... if fame can't follow a person around for years, what makes those girls think that a few words from a shock jock (someone paid to say shocking things) will scar them for life? They weren't even present when he said it.

Just like the people that spin out all that horrible and foul stuff that spews from the hip hop videos and so-called songs, rapper trash, they have every right to freedom of speech, so did Don Imus. I think it is a huge sign of the wickedness of our times. We just feed on the nasties. Our society is what makes the Don Imus' of this world possible. If no one listened to the trash, then it wouldn't be profitable, would it? Of course not.

Unfortunately, he still has a right. Fortunately, there is a thing called the FCC and that commisssion is supposed to keep the commercial air waves free of the most vile of all the trash.

They didn't fine CBS enough for showing the Jackson girls boob. And firing Don Imus is like closing the barn door after the horses have fled. The right thing, but the wrong timing.
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