To will or not to will

I was discussing something with a dear friend and realized something.

It wasn't one of those lightening bolt things like I've had in the past. It was just a quiet nudge from God's elbow. I just love it when He does that.

Here I've been complaining about a soreness in my soul and not feeling at home and not feeling like I belong when all along God was trying to tell me that those feelings were just as fickle as a rainless cloud. All promise with nothing produced and no bite.

It is such a relief to stomp my foot at the devil and tell him to "Be gone, Satan, get thee behind me." He cannot hurt me, and he has tried. Oh I've felt a pinprick or two but nothing that could come close to a real hurt. Praise God.

Salva Bogu... that's Ukranian for Praise God. One of the young men in our church is going there this summer on a mission. There are several that he has asked prayer for. His name is David. If you've a mind to, please say a prayer for his health and his mission that God will use him in a mighty way.

Mom and I are praying about starting a neighborhood Bible study. Pray God presses His will into us and that He brings those to us that He wants to reach with this mission. I have deeply missed my weekly Bible study with my sisters in Newellton. Funny, but I haven't heard one peep from any of them.

I believe God designed it that way so I wouldn't look back to where He did not want me to be so that I would look forward ever pressing into His will. That is a most delightful place to be.

Thank you so much those of you who keep checking back on me even though I haven't been posting as often as I used to or visiting as often as I used to. I'll get better... I'm still dealing with boxes and I want to put up some cabinets in the garage. So much to do and so little time.

Saturday I was feeling deep stress because I had a plate full as well as a deep bowl and my cup ranneth over, too. I just asked God to manage the time and help me get it done. I got everything done on the list. Grass mowed, flowers planted, groceries bought, house cleaned, clothes washed, SS lesson studied and a long chat with a dear friend. That's a great day!
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