Ice In The Lap Trick

Several years ago, (my goodness it was almost 10 years ago in 1997) I had just separated from my wicked husband. I used part of my retirement money to get a new car so I'd have reliable transportation for my job selling cemetery property.

Late one night, coming home I bounced over a pot hole and the A/C went out. One minute blowing cold air, the next warm, summer night air came pouring through the vents. I prayed about it. I hadn't sold anything for several weeks and I just didn't have the money for a new A/C. (Turned out the pot hole had nothing to do with the A/C.)

One very hot July day, my daughter was moving and asked me to help. "Of course," I said. On the way to her place to help pack, I was once again talking to God about my A/C. I reminded Him that I must arrive at my clients homes cool as a cucumber. He reminded me that I worked at night. I reminded Him that South Louisiana is not the coolest place in the world at night and that it was hot and humid especially in July. He reminded me that it had been a rather cool July. I finished with, 'But, I would just like to arrive at my destinations cool and refreshed, not smelling like a horse!'

The light turned green, then. I turned the corner towards my daughter's place and my glass full of ice and water promptly turned over in my lap. Oh yes! I arrived cool and refreshed!

I still chuckle over that and that happened 10 years ago. That day, God taught me that He will sometimes answer our prayers in a very unusual way.

He will satisfy our needs and our wants according to His good purposes. A couple of months later, my younger daughter had a wreck in that car, totally demolishing it. That $800.00 for the A/C would have been completely wasted. So now, when I don't have an answer to my prayer the way I expect it, I always look for the ice water in the lap trick. God is then saying, "Cool it, Gina. I know what's best for you."
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