Yes... I have a talent and so do YOU!

I have been pondering that question since yesterday. I do have a talent (you may or may not agree with me). I do have a talent for writing. It is not honed to perfection, it isn't completely learned, but the talent is there because God gave it to me. God first put the desire in my heart to write, then He has given me such life experiences that have given this art an emotion and a color that only He and I can give it because only He and I have lived through those experiences. I also have a talent for painting. The pic on the right is titled Road to Yucatan which is just over the levee from my house. My daughter has been trying to get me to explore this gift for revenue. I'm wondering what God has to say about this. So many things interest me and so many thing to choose from... What is God trying to tell me?

This is also how YOUR gift/talent works. First He has given you a desire for something... a goal in your heart which is a milestone in your faith journey. Take that desire out and examine it. Turn it over under the Light and see the different colors, the sparkle, the fire that God put there. Then take a moment... No! Take at least a day or a week and pray about it. This is what I'm going to do.

You think you have no desire? Oh, you do. You have just been burdened with life so much that you can't see it. Or, as Angela Thomas says in her Bible Study Living Your Life As A Beautiful Offering, you may have conditioned your heart into numbness so that you won't be hurt anymore. Well... life ain't fair and God never promised we'd never be hurt anymore. Love is a risk and doing God's work is hard--but, oh so worthy! Especially, when it is really He that is doing all the work.
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