Do you know this guy?

Oh, sure you do. How can you not know this guy? I fell in love with him when I read This Present Darkness and then The Oath and then Piercing The Darkness and then The Prophet and then The Visitation. The link on the last book or the title will take to to the store where you can purchase any or all these truly great books.

But that isn't what I'm posting about today...

Out of the blue, I get an email from a really nice person who asks me if I'd review Frank's newest book on my blog...

Would I???

Somehow the word "Yes," just didn't carry enough enthusiasm with it. Did I Snoopy Dance? No. But, I was thrilled. But hold on a second...

Okay, I'm back. I just counted the number of books beside my bed that I've got stacked there to read. Eighteen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have 18 books stacked in order of interest. This does not include the books that I have already started but have laid aside for a few days to let what I've read soak in. The Genesis Record by Dr. Henry Morris and The Christian's Secret for a Happy Life by Hanna Whitehall Smith. All these books are old, ranging from 1942 The Robe to James Harriot, Angela Hunt, Robert Ludlum, Elizabeth Peters 2000. Pure enjoyment which I bought at a book sale for Council on Aging fund raiser. So, I added House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker to the top of the stack. For one reason I had said I'd review it and for another, I just love Frank Peretti's writing. (The spotlight is on Frank, Ted, 'cause he asked me, sorry :P)

Wait! Before you continue reading, take a look at the video trailer. It is really shuddersome.

A young couple is on their way to a marriage counseling appointment. They pass up the turn off and are stopped by a cop who gives them instructions for a shortcut.

A shortcut? I shout in my mind. Are you two crazy for going into the woods on a gravel road? Right, they must not live in rural America like I do. No, they must get to their appointment and are forced to take this shortcut to make it on time, their marriage is at stake.

This shortcut takes them to a place of darkness that only light can pierce inside this house. How they get there, I'll leave that for you to discover by reading the book. Once inside this beautiful, inviting old-timey inn, they're sucked into a game... forced to play and the stakes of the game are high, their lives. And it becomes increasingly creepy to the point that I'm screaming in my head, "Leave, for crying out loud. Just leave!" Then they get stuck in the butchering refrigerator and I can't close my eyes 'cause I can't read if my eyes are closed! They want out... they want to leave but, the house has them locked in and there is no way out, the only way out is in. How's that for a twister?

Honestly, I was keenly disappointed in this book at first. It was like these people were in each other's dreams. That must be it. They're all dreaming and I'm invited. But, it isn't a dream, it's real and the incredible thing is, it's truth.

It has more twists and turns than the Mississippi levee road. It goes from believable to plausible to outrageous. After I'm halfway through the book, I look up and it's after 12 midnight. I've got to get to bed! (You have to understand, I'm a 10:30 PM in bed girl or I'm yawning and basically worthless.)

I'm cleaning my face, getting ready to go to bed, staring at myself in the mirror wondering why they couldn't see themselves (the characters in the book, keep up!) in the mirrors, and then the lightening bolt struck and I GOT it. You know that kind of feeling. You've been studying a scripture or Bible passage trying to understand it and then you bend over making your bed, or you're turning on the bath water and this light strikes you in your head and in your heart and you finally understand.

It was like that. I got it. I understood it. From that point, I was intrigued and not frustrated. I was enlightened about my own life, and not confused. The rollercoaster never slowed up even on the ride to the top and the ride down was heart stopping... well, maybe not heart stopping, but, good.

If you like supernatural mysteries/horror, you'll like this.

The trouble with this one is, it truly isn't fantasy... it is so close to truth, it's scary.
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