I've been tagged

It was the double-dog dare, right?

10 years ago--I was on my knees talking to God about whether or not to divorce my husband. And God said, "Enough is enough." So I separated, hoping he would change. He did not so then 3 years later I finally divorced him.

5 years ago--I was in Hawaii with my new husband and that is one fabulous place to go! Alas, after 10 years of being a bachelor, he decided he just couldn't handle being married. He tossed me out, so I laid hands on the entire house, sprayed my perfume all over his pillow (feather), his matress, under his matress, in his underwear drawer, and just to make sure, I sprayed it in his winter clothes. Then I left Arizona and came back to Louisiana to lick my wounds and heal.

1 year ago-- Golly Shazam... what was I doing 1 year ago? I've slept since then. Oh, how could I have forgotten. I started back to college online at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. A great place to get your degree if you do not have one already. I shopped for months trying to find a solid school with a great reputation.

Yesterday-- Blogged, studied my Bible at Studylight.org, watched my neighbor drive across the yard (and even now he's parked crooked in his carport), watched the hummingbirds, watered my plants and enjoyed my time off before school starts August 27th. I also laid to rest part of my bosom pal for the last several years. I had to face the reality that my book I've been writing and rewriting really isn't that good. Now that I've let that go, I can start a new project.

5 favorite snacks-- chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, popcorn

5 songs I know all the words to--Amazing Grace, Just As I Am, It's Amazing What Praising Can Do (there's not that many words); To Him Who Sits On The Throne; Going to the Chapel. What can I say? I learned the words when I was young... it's like Tears of a Clown. I refused to learn the words to Clouds in My Coffee because I thought that was a ridiculous song. However, I can sing almost all the commercial jingles if you hum a bar or two.... Dr. Pepper is a friendly... Plop, plop...

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars-- [after my tithe] I would ask Donald Trump to film an Apprentice down here in Povertyville, the Mississippi Delta--what a shocker to those hopefuls, eh? I would set up a trust fund for my now non-existent grandkids. I would pay my college loan off. I would give each of my kids 1 million and then I would set up a college scholarship fund for any kid that wanted to learn how to economically develop the Delta area. I would build a Community Center for tutoring these kids here in Tensas Parish so they can make it in this world. [these are not in order of importance, of course]

5 places I would run away to-- Man... I don't want to run away. 5 places I'd like to vacate to would be Colorado (Rocky Mountain High), Go to Canada to see my friend Debbie, Hawaii, England because I have so many friends there, and South Africa just because I like their accents. I do not think I want to go to Israel although it would be truly a great experience to walk where Jesus walked. That's six, so sue me.

5 favorite TV shows-- Monk, The Apprentice, NCIS (it's really awful that Agent Todd was killed off, I understand it was at her own request. I think that was a mistake for her.) SG-1 Atlantis & SG-1, Andromeda (although it is now over. I hope Kevin Sorbo does another similar.)

5 bad habits-- menopause. I know it isn't a habit, but anything that I do that is bad, I blame on menopause. Works for me.

5 biggest joys-- The Lord of my life, Jesus. Just saying His name gives me a thrill. Studying my Bible and finally understanding something that I've been puzzling over. My kids. My mom. Writing. Reading good books.

5 favorite toys-- hmmm. Uh. hmmm. My computer. Man... I wish this question had been about books.

5 people I tag to do this-- I do not know. I don't want to put anyone on the spot but how about the first 5 people that read this post! Come on now, be honest and comment so we can all go over to your place and munch chocolate cookies, drink coffee and read up about you.
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