Consider Laughter

Now, in Genesis 18:12 Sarah laughs when she hears about God’s promise. Here is the same word, but why does God get upset with Sarah’s laughter and not with Abraham’s?

  • She lied to God.
  • She questioned His power in her heart.
  • She put the natural order of things before the LORD God.

Compare the two passages carefully. Abraham fell upon his face and in his heart he wanted confirmation of God’s promise. Sarah did not believe God. How can we tell she didn’t believe God?

Sarah spoke of her own pleasure (carnal), she spoke about her old husband (natural) and she lied to the LORD.

This is the second time she put the “natural order of things” above God. When was the first time? (Genesis 16) So how does this time differ from the first?

She gave Hagar to Abraham as his concubine. Abraham had only one wife and that wife forced God’s promise in her own way instead of waiting for the Lord’s way & time.

Now compare Genesis 21:6. How is Sarah’s laughter different?

She is rejoicing. Her laughter is in tune with the LORD and she invites all to hear of her old age son. She enjoys the name Isaac which means laughter. I find it wonderful that Isaac’s name never changed during his life as Abram’s and Sarai’s and his own son Jacob’s. I also find it a marvelous, wonderful thing that God promised “Laughter”! Also, look at Luke 6:21…”those who weep, ye shall laugh.” Sarah’s pining for a son, her tears, turned to joyous laughter.

Sarah is ­­­­rejoicing. She invites all to hear of her old age son

Isaac means laughter. Isaac’s name never changed during his lifetime.

What we laugh at is an excellent illustration of what we as Christians harbor in our hearts. I recently watched a movie that 20 years ago, I thought was rip-roaring side splitting hilarious. But when I saw it again, I was ashamed. It wasn't funny because what it was making fun of was too sad to be funny and it was too indicative of how our minds become numb to sin. The slow degradation and pollution of our minds makes things of the world seem "normal" what ever that is. And makes us accept Satan's lies as truth.

What Makes Us Laugh?
Consider first…

Stand-up comedians will tell you that most people laugh at the ridiculous, a “twist” of meanings and a surprise outcome to the end of a story. This is why jokes are funny, they surprise us and it is why some jokes are not funny, the punch line isn’t a surprise.

What do you think is actually hilarious? Think back to a time when you laughed so hard tears streamed down your face and your cheeks hurt from laughing. Okay… so take a minute and jot down something, anything. Doesn’t have to be from the Bible, it could have happened this morning or last week or something you’ve just read, or a joke…anything that provoked a mind cleansing, soul shaking, belly laugh.

See? Your cheeks are crinkled and your mood is already better just because you thought of something to jot down. Go ahead and share the joke with us!

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