Sound of Music at Princess Theater

There is something so completely delicious about live theater. Last night I sat in the darkend theater that held less than 250 people in a little town of hardly 10,000 residents with tears of excitement running down my cheeks. Isn't it ridiculous? The acting could have been better, but, oh, how deeply enjoyable it was. Who says talent is only in Hollywood or on Broadway? If I closed my eyes, Maria was actually Julie Andrews. Such a beautiful voice this woman has. Susan Williams is her name.

What is it about live theater that makes it so exciting--way above movie theater? I think it is the combination of imagination and reality. That is sheer joy. I think we have lost the art of imagination in today's society. Even in movies when a character is telling about something that happened, it is always shown in action with a voice over about the action. It is sad, really.

Go to the theater! Expect fun and the thrill of audience interaction. There is something wonderful about a group of people laughing together. It takes the kinks out of humdrum living. I resolve to try to go to live theater at least once a year. It is worthy.
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