A bit more

I find it truly intriguing that premature babies born weighing less than a pound actually survive and grow up and live productive lives. No... that's not the intriguing part. What I find intriguing is that a lot of women believe that they have a choice to abort the baby in the first trimester.

There is now a Baby Doppler that records the baby's heart beat as early as 10 weeks, not 12 weeks.

How can it be possible to take the life of an unborn child and it not be murder?

David said, "You knit my in most parts while I was in the womb." How sweet the thought that God knew each of us before we were even born. We know all about DNA now, but not knowing about DNA back during Jesus' day did not make it untrue, it only was unknown. What more scientific proof that babies are live human beings do we need to stand up and cry, "Enough!" What scientific marvel will be discovered that will show us all about babies, and what shame we will then look back upon this age of murder and weep and wail about the wasted lives? I couldn't help but cry out.
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