Have you ever...

...noticed how we have a tendency to push the envelope until all the contents come flying out, fluttering around us in an untidy heap? Sometimes we get so busy, we don't listen. We try to gather up all the scattered pieces and then we continue to stuff more into the envelope! Why is that?

Last April, I was in tears because I had so much in my envelope that I didn't put there, but I was still juggling and arranging and putting in order so that I might have some time to do Gina things. You know, those things that are so satisfying and only mean something to just yourself. Then in the summer I took some classes which jammed my envelope so full that there was no way to seal it. But, the difference was, I put everything in that envelope by my choice and all by myself. It was a choice to do it and I did it.

Now, I'm coming to a point in a couple of months where I'll be finished with school and still God has not broken the egg of enlightenment over my head about what He desires me to do with the rest of my life.

I prayed and prayed that He would reveal to me what He wants me to do. In the mean time, while waiting for the Light to burst forth on my road to Damascus, I was asked to speak at an Envangelism Ministry Conference about grants and what to do to get ready to write a grant. I called it "Show Me The Money". That was in April. I made sure I got plenty of business cards and information from the folks there about their ministries and how to get in touch with them.

Then I prayed some more about what He wanted me to do. In the mean time, I went to summer school and learned about American Government, computers and American History, took my Mom to see her sisters, went on an astounding trip to OK City and experienced the deeply moving Federal Building Memorial and Bricktown paid for by grants and contributions. I prayed some more about what God wants me to do.

Then this fall, I'm taking Criminal Justice Ethics, Research Methods, Juvenile Delinquency and White Collar Crime in America. This gives me enough credits to have a Sociology degree. While studying for a test I got a phone call from a precious young woman who had started a ministry for women in central Louisiana. She needs me to write a grant, or maybe several grants, for this ministry. I met her last April at the conference. Since then I have been coaching her at what kind of information I need her to gather and how she needs to put her goals on paper so we can get this grant(s) written.

I prayed again last night for God to share His goals for my life with me. When do you think He'll answer my prayer?
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