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5 idiosyncrasies -- tag from Gayla (I can't believe how much I am like her. Except for the bags she likes and having to watch TV with a blankie, I have her idiosyncrasies, but I'll choose some different ones)

1. I can live with a little clutter until one day I can't stand it anymore and I go into hyperdrive and a cleaning frenzy.
2. I never react to chain letters. I never send them on... not even the recipe ones... If an email has a line at the bottom that says "Send to at least 5 people... blah blah blah." I never send it on and I have never been sorry or had something bad happen to me.
3. I have fought a stupid fear of roaches for years. At least now I don't go squealing through the house and jump up and down. Now I just bite my cheeks and search for something big to squish them to death. Maybe a shudder or two.
4. I must have the fan on high at night and the temp turned down. This has been really difficult since my Mom gets cold easily and I'm burning up. This is one of those things I have to pray about, otherwise I never get to sleep.
5. I must brush my teeth at night or I can't sleep. It comes from when I had braces. I was constantly brushing my teeth because I didn't want to have that gunk on my braces; it looked nasty. Therefore I haven't had a cavity in 35... oh, all right, 40 years.

Pia was so gracious to tag me...
23rd post,it was another Tag post :) The 5th line

5 years ago--I was with my husband in Hawaii and what a fabulous place to go!

I would rather do a different kind of tag...
Grab your digital camera and take pictures of
1. The top of your desk. (Do not do a clean up job just to take this picture.)
2. Your pet
3. A project you've been working on for a long time.

To be fair, here are my offerings...

My desk top which I did not clean up before taking this pic.

Our cat Scooter. Not a very elegant name for such a pretty cat. My Dad named him and he was really Dad's cat before he died. I call him Scooter Booter and there is no reason for that name.

My quilt top which will be finished
around 2020 at the rate I'm going.
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