A Case of Dog Food

There is a very enlightened and fun pastor of North Monroe Baptist Church who has a morning devotional on channel 11 every weekday morning. I make a point of being there to see how Bill Dye looks at the world and life with the Christian worldview. He, so very often, gives me a chuckle or an insight that is a gold nugget I carry around all day. This morning was a special delight that I can't pass the chance to share.

The one this morning went like this:

Pastor Bill's dog took a dislike to dry dog food. Just wouldn't eat it. So he got the idea to buy some nice, juicy canned dog food. As soon as that food hit her bowl, she dived into and when he came close to the bowl, she got this mean look in her eye and actually snarled at sweet Pastor Bill, like she was saying, "Don't you dare come near my food. Don't you dare try to take it away from me!"

Why would he take it away? He went to the store and bought the food, opened the can, dumped the food in. Bill Dye doesn't eat dog food. Dog food does not sustain Bill Dye. Bill Dye takes care of and loves his dog and when he went to all that trouble would never, ever take it back.

Pastor Bill said that God shone a light on that moment. God said, "Bill, it's all dog food to Me."

I have never contemplated that thought before. It is all dog food to God. He created us, His good and most excellent, fragile creation. He created the world and all that is in the universe. He provided all the ingredients for us to survive in abundant living with not only delicious, juicy food, but also the universe around us filled with amazing discoveries to exercise our brains. Once the home was created, Man sinned. Then, God sent His Son to pay the bride price so sin would no longer make us slaves... the Law would have no claim on us... death has no sting. God showers on those that love Him all manner of blessings from basic needs to deep desires and those blessings spill over onto those that have no regard for Him.

Knowing that He is the Great I AM, the King of the Universe, we still grab onto all our stuff with a death grip and snarl at God when He draws near.

Bill Dye quoted Corrie Ten Boom: Don't hold on to your things with such a tight grip that it hurts when God has to pry your fingers loose. (loose paraphrase)

We so often lose sight of the bald fact, it's all dog food to God.
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