7 habits of highly effective godly women

I know I was going to talk about Martha and Mary yesterday, but I've been so swamped with school and writing and taking Mom to the doctor (her eyes). But I ran across this wonderful tidbit from Cindy Townsend who is Louisiana's Women's Missions Director at Louisiana Baptist Connvention. I took these notes back on February 8, 2003.

1. Trims away selfishness...Col 3:5,9,10 put to death earthly desires. Take 40 days and trim away the fat of selfishness and put in its place God's Word.
(Lord help Yourself to the Kitchen of my Life... toss the rubbish and let's dine on gourmet meals.)

2. Marinate me in You and Your Word so that I amm not recognized but only You are recognized.

3. Sprinkle every relationnship with Your love. Help me to be devoted to others as You are.

4. Sift through my desires to hold to the things of this world loosely. Lord, just help Yourself to my stuff.

5. Stir my heart to follow You in obedience and also to have faith and trust in You in abundance.
(What comes is joy in the journey. He will make straight my path.)

6. Season my words with wisdom. Ephesians 4:29-30. May only that which is pleasing to You come out of my mouth.
(This is about the 15th time I've heard this lately, ya think God is trying to tell me something?)

7. Serve You, Lord, with glory, for You alone are worthy. My story for Your glory.

Ministry takes place where divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God.
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