Another thing about women...

You know how sometimes we bite off more than we can chew? We see a project and we just know -- I can DO that. Then we get into it and find out we can't. Women are resourceful and when in an independent mode will tackle just about any job that needs doing, regardless of the size or type...especially, if it has directions.

Men think, "Who needs directions? I can mess this up pefectly all by myself." (The same thought applies to driving; just insert "get lost" in place of "mess". I can say this because both times I was married, it was to men just like this.

Resourceful women will read the map, get out and ask directions, read instructions and do the job. Dependent women will ask, nag and wait for someone else to do the job. I can say this because I was a dependent woman for the first 30 years of my life. My sister was the one to be out with Dad learning all those handiman things. Me... I learned all the cooking and sewing inside things.

Mom's bathroom faucet went kaput.

My sister is not here.

Picture, if you will, a box full of the New Things (faucet, handles, washers, screws, etc.) and the old things stacked up on the side of the sink. That is how I left it just a few moments ago.

I've just been sitting on Mom's bathroom floor taking all the hardware out of the sink because it went kaput. As I was unscrewing all the thingys from the things, I had to ask for God's strength because the thingys were too tight on the things. Well. He not only gave me extra strength, but He helped me to know which way to unscrew. (I have tugged and pulled on a thang the wrong way only making it tighter. Sigh... mechanic, I am not.) Then I get to the point where I can now start assembling the New Things into the holes. Except, this new assemblage came without some parts.

Now, I am one that can follow directions, especially with God's help. But, when it comes to knowing how big something is and without knowing what it is, in order to go buy it at the hardware store, I am at a loss. I do not have a clue what to ask for. The Directions say, "attach to water tubes (not supplied)."

:-o :-x :-? :-(

What kind of water tubes? The New Things we bought do not look at all like the old things that came out of the sink. The old tubes are not flexible. The old tubes are too long and are so tightly in place, carroded (sp?) that they look (and feel) fused in place. I am going to have to ask the neighbor who drives across my yard to come and help, I think. Super Neighbor to the rescue. I love neighbors... even if they do drive across my lawn.

My neighbor will not laugh and jeer at me for having gotten so far and gotten stuck. He loved my Dad and told us the last time we had any problems to please call him. It was a plumbing problem then, too.

Let me give you an idea what a beautiful neighbor he is. This man hates cats. He warned me about a Siamese cat that had just taken to wandering the neighborhood right after we moved in. He wanted to be sure I knew about it and to beware because it wasn't a friendly cat. The cat he was talking about was our cat, Scooter. When Dad was so sick in the hospital, he came over and told us that he'd watch the house for us while we were at the hospital. He said, "I'll do anything you need done!" That was great!

We got to the hospital but forgot to put out food for Scooter. He probably had enough food for a couple of days, but we just forgot about him. Then Cooney called to ask about Dad and again said, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

It must have been the Devil whispering to me, I said, "Would you go feed Scooter?"

"Scooter? Who's that?"

"Our cat."

He not only fed our cat but when Scooter got outside, he chased after him to put him back in the house. I can't help it. That picture is so funny. The little kitty cat feet running just out of reach, then stopping to see what Cooney would do, then running just out of reach. It's a hoot.
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