Do You Trust Me?

God asked me that question last Tuesday, again on Wednesday, again on Thursday and for the last time yesterday.

It reminded me of when Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love Me, Peter?" "Yes, Lord, I love you," Peter replies.

"Yes, Lord, I trust You. I've trusted You since I was a little girl." My reply was instantaneous. I never hesitate when God asks me that question for I know to the depth of my soul that God is in control and His will is best for my life. I haven't always lived that way, but I have always known in my heart that His way is best.

Every day I get a rejection letter in the mail and every day I get job offers in my inbox. The rejection letters come from those jobs in Chicago, Denver, Nashville, and other big city places that I just do not want to move to, but I had to face facts a couple of months ago that there is nothing within commute distance that would pay me enough to build up a retirement. So I shot off my resume to all these exciting, exotic places, knowing in my heart of hearts that it was a waste of time. Until, I got a phone call from a company in Florida. They were impressed with my skills and my credentials and would I be interested in going through the interview process for the editor position they had for their Grants Alert Newsletter? Would I! Of course! Great pay, live in Florida where Mom could make friends... and the cost of living is about as high as the Moon.

So... what am I trusting God about? It has a lot to do with why my picture will be in the paper next week.

I am the new editor for our local paper.

The pay is terrible. They know its terrible and they also know that I am by far over qualified for the job. But...

What a challenge! I have a sales person to train and motivate. I have a parish/county just about emptied out -- we have about 5800 pop -- but look how many stories to tell that could be. The paper has been neglected and needs some tender loving care to build back the circulation and to build back the advertisor base. We don't have to move. We can have fires during the winter. I can wear sweaters. It might snow. Okay... I know! I'm trying too hard to find the positive in this.

When I first sent in my resume last May, I didn't care the pay was bad. But, on Tuesday I woke up wrestling with God about this job. Keep an open mind, He said. Just go talk to them, He said. How can you ignore the voice of God? I can't, so I went. I got the job on the spot. This is the first time anyone has hired me on the spot. This is the first time I had so much fun at the interview, I didn't want it to end. I can't wrap my brain around that.

Who in their right mind would even think twice about taking a great paying job in Florida over a podunk part time editor job in a podunk village in the sticks of Louisiana? Apparently, God has some plans in mind that He isn't sharing with me at this moment. It's for sure He has some work for me to do. I'm all for that! If this job turns out to be even half as much fun as being the economic development director for the parish/county... I'm in for a great ride.
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