Studio 60 or whatever...

I have watched this show twice now... missed the first one.

It is actually sort of a Don Rickles approach to TV... insult everyone and those who are not insulted should feel insulted. At least that's sort of the impression I've gotten.

However, I think this TV show should be a huge slap in the face for a WAKE-UP call to Christians.

Think about it. Last year we were subjected to The Book of Daniel a severely handicapped TV show that truly had no resemblence to how a real pastor should live. Isn't it sad? Do we actually act that way? Is this how the world sees us?

Now we have a Christian actor on a pretend SNL-type TV Show that really doesn't act like a Christian, or does she? Do we act that way? Is this how the world sees us?

It is truly a sorry state of affairs that we get all "fired up" that we are being protrayed as bleeding hearts with the wrong kinds of causes. If we acted more like Christ, then the world would actually see Christ and not something that bears no resemblance to our Father God.
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