Dark Hour

Dark Hour is by Ginger Garrett.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I did not ask her any questions.

I really do like fiction that takes place back in OT times or even in NT times. Books like The Robe, for instance that focused on a character not written in Scripture and just a few Apostles walked through the book. I am very wary of books that take a very significant happening and weave fiction around it. That just doesn't work for me.

Two things. Ginger takes a few liberties with history, such as the goddess Ashorah (or Astoreth) did not require sacrifices of new born babies. That was the god Molech which is who Hezikiah's son Mannesseh worshiped and caused much innocent blood to be spilled paying homage to it, namely his own first born son.

She also made it seem that Queen Athaliah put a spell on Jehoram which is why he killed all his brothers so he wouldn't have to fight anyone for the throne. While Jehoram actually did kill all his brothers, I do not think that the text leads the way of some spell. 2 Chron 21:4 says that Jehoram rose up and made himself strong and killed his brothers with the sword. Now, that is a totally different kind of man than what Ginger Garrett depicts in her book.

I think the book is fairly well written. But, it was very difficult for me to get around those two things so my enjoyment of it was quite marred. I really think that there are Biblical stories that should remain UNfictionalized and this was one of them. You can visit Ginger's website here.

This is the story of Jezebel's daughter who became queen of Judah and after King Jehoram died and Jehu killed Jehoram's and Athaliah's son Ahaziah, Athaliah claimed the throne for herself and ruled Judah for seven years. A truly gripping story straight from the Bible.

I want you all to know that the reviews I give are honest and from my heart. This story had great potential... maybe written from a servant's point of view rather than from the king's daughter, Jehoshabeath's POV, it would have had a greater impact.
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