Parents Responsible or Responsible Parents

I have been against parents being held responsible for the actions of their children for a very long time. I'm starting to rethink that stance.

Violence in schools is just a symptom of our society. The symptom is surfacing in younger children. In my day, everyone in the Nation knew about Kent State. You didn't have to explain what happened, or who was involved, or what it was about. You just said, "Kent State," and everyone knew what you meant.

(If you don't, do an internet search on Kent State + Violence, and see what you get.)

Today, if you say Columbine High School, everyone knows what that was all about. Not so many know about Pearl High School and the other schools where shooting occured. But, we all know about youth violence. At Columbine, the authorities found video tapes and all kinds of violent-type paraphanalia that any observant parent would have asked questions about if they had cared what their kids were up to behind closed bedroom doors.

What if...

What if, the parents had said, "I do not care about your privacy. It is your safety that I am concerned about... your health, your mind, your Spiritual growth."

Do children have a right to privacy? To take a bath, yes. To surf the internet, no way! To develop fight videos, to purchase or steal guns, to draw pictures of frightening things... these are symptoms of disturbed minds and a parent has every right under God and this nation to know what their kids are up to.

If you consider what kinds of violence kids are exposed to these days from X-Box games to cop shows to forensic shows, is it any wonder that children grow up to think that it is okay to solve their problems with violence. The survival of the fittest was part of my science class, but it was also tempered with Jesus' teachings.

I have discovered that after I watch a show with violence, I have a reaction to some situations with anger or violent urgings. It may have something to do with menopause, but my thinking leans more toward the exposure to violence.

I believe that if some parents were held responsible for their children's actions... even put on trial for those actions, I believe we would see more responsible parents. It is the parents responsibility to raise their children to be responsible adults adhereing to societal norms rather than handling problems with violence. Violence as a solution is unacceptable, yet, this is exactly what more and more people are turning to in order to overcome obsticles.

I know there are some children that are so rebellious they are uncontrollable. There are ways to handle those. Where the buck actually stops is at the parents' feet and how they raise their children. If the parent lacks self-control, then that is what the child learns. It is time to put more focus on the family unit and less interest on acquiring bigger/better everything.
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