Herding cats or keeping kitten in a basket...

Michael Hyatt is a genius. He is obviously a person who has survived the jungle of corporate America, even in the Christian world.

I laughed at this video, but without even reading Hyatt's blog post, I know I've been on the back of one of those horses, trying to live the life Christ would be proud of and still maintain respect of my peers and my boss so as not to get fired in secular corporate America. I can't tell you the number of times I fell off my horse or got scratched to ribbons. Sometimes I never had the strength to get back up in the saddle, but I found myself there nonetheless. Only God can put us back in the saddle when all we're looking at is the ground, and tasting is dust and blood.

So each morning the sun also rises, we roll out of bed to begin a new day with all the aches and pains from yesterday. The difficulties from yesterday, the seeming flat plain with hidden arroyos and gullies that can tumble you in an instant into a dusty creek bed, are no match for our Father who cares intensely and profoundly about His children.

He restores our souls with peace like a river flowing full and free. His eyes are watching lest we fall. His hands are ready to catch us. It's when we deliberately jump from the saddle that we get bloody knees and black eyes. However, we should remember Job who lost everything. His tumble into the deep valley of shadows and death wasn't because of bad choices or sin but because God trusted him to react just the way he did. That is amazing trust.

Can you relate? What has knocked you off your horse recently and how did you get back in the saddle?
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