Occupations with the most job openings

Thanks to my friend Buddy McDonald who posted an interesting article on the deplorable education we Americans are getting...

Here is a great place to search for that job that will spur your passion and put money in your pocket. I've copied below the top ten which require a graduate degree. I hope the links transferred, too.
Occupation Total Job Openings 2008–2018
Postsecondary teachers 553,000
Doctors and surgeons 261,000
Lawyers 240,000
Clergy 218,000
Pharmacists 106,000
Educational, vocational, and school counselors 94,000
Physical therapists 79,000
Medical scientists, except epidemiologists 66,000
Mental health and substance abuse social workers 61,000
Instructional coordinators 61,000

Now compare the article posted on CNBC. Siemens, the German giant corporation is bitterly complaining that U.S. workers do not have the education, training, and skill sets that they require for certain staffing jobs. The company has had to use 30 recruiters to fill their expansion plans.  Plus, Eric Spiegel, CEO of Siemens said the company has had to invest in education and training. Volkswagen had 85,000 applicants for 2,000 jobs so it isn't for lack of applicants, but the skill sets that are lacking.

Keeping this complaint in mind, please notice the CollegeBoard.com's second set of most job openings needing a Bachelor's degree...

Occupation Total Job Openings 2008–2018
Elementary school teachers, except special education 597,000
Accountants and auditors 498,000
Secondary school teachers, except special and vocational education 412,000
Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education 251,000
Computer systems analysts 223,000
Computer software engineers, applications 218,000
Network systems and data communications analysts 208,000
Computer software engineers, systems software 153,000
Construction managers 138,000
Market research analysts 137,000

Not one engineer in the bunch. So how does one really know what kind of education to pursue?

I would venture a guess and say, combining the complaints with the projections that teaching adults would be the number one job opening from now on. Right now on www.Indeed.com there are 5,646 new jobs for teaching adults.

If you live in San Jose, California there are 218 job openings for every person living there; compared to New Orleans where there are 29 job openings for every person living there. The quality of job isn't mentioned, however. We have to search a bit further for that. No surprise the most job openings are for cashiers. (No wonder when I go to Walmart only 1/3 of the cash registers are open!)

For 2008 - 2018 -- According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
#1 Cashiers -- 171,990 openings and the earnings are basic minimum wage
#2 Retail sales -- 162,690 same problem
#3 Servers -- 146,620 same problem
#4 Customer Service -- 110,900 barely above minimum wage
#5 Registered nurses -- 103,900 w/Associate Degree -- good living

If we delve a little further into the BLS, we find an interesting table which tells us the projections of occupations -/+ through 2018.

Ah ha! Here we see that service occupations will increase a whopping 13.76% and professional occupations (doctor, lawyer, teachers) will increase by a staggering 16.83% with construction occupations increasing 13.04% by the year 2018.

Here's the kicker... The projections do not uphold what the corporations are begging for since production jobs will decrease by 3%. So what is a person to do to make sure there will be income until the angels escort us to Heaven?

A most excellent dilemma. Why would anyone want to go down a career path for money only and hate what they will have to do for the next 50 years? That's a recipe for burnout, stress related diseases and all kinds of anger issues.

The best advice is determine your motivational spiritual gift, then work within that motivation. Find the occupation which will utilize your God-given gifts, and God-motivated skills. Develop those skills with the best education you can find then, keep close to the LORD. In all you do, do it for Christ for it is He who strengthens you.

Question: Is there an occupation that you wish you had pursued way back when? I'd be really interested to know if you began your perfect occupation when you graduated!
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