Afghanistan: War without end

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but the more I think about that Eugene city counsel, the angrier I get. The more I hear about Obama's plans for the Afghanistan war, the more nauseated I become. The more I hear about our soldiers with boots on the ground in Afghanistan the prouder of them I am. There truly is something great about our country and a lot of has to do with our soldiers!

Our country as a whole has no notion what real sacrifice is. We have grown so fat and complacent in our daily plenty, we don't know that our troops have blisters on their feet, our military live in tents, and our men are being killed all to pay the price of freedom.

The most recent attack in Kabul makes it clear the job is NOT done in Afghanistan, yet the idiot we call president has publicly declared the last day our men will be there. Oh, wait! It was after he announced the date 10,000 troops were leaving that the bomb dropped. Hello? Is there anything in there at all?

Our forefathers never went to war unless they were sure they could finish it, and they never went to war unless it was the right thing to do. As a young nation, we had to stand firm on baby legs, but the character and strength of men like George Washington, Samuel Adams, Admiral Farragut, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson and all the others helped to shape our nation into the giant it has become -- Paul Bunyan, move over!

Now we have people who break their word, who think things like Socialism and Fascism are good things even when they failed miserably in other nations.

Then we had people who lived by God's word, who believed in biblical principles and gauged character by those principles. Today, Christians are embarrassed by God and are apathetic to anything godly to the point of allowing a minority to decide saying the Pledge of Allegiance is divisive. The minority have no respect for our flag or for our country. Where is the patriotism, the pride, the character, and the love for Freedom in our country?

Afghanistan is a symptom of cancerous Taliban, not a war. It is indicative of the cancer the people of this world are suffering. If we allow the Taliban to overtake Afghanistan again, then we are Isaiah 58.

The question isn't "What should we do?" The question is "What does God desire us to do?"
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