Bin Laden found by CIA man behind the scene

We all knew it, but here is a story of great perseverance to find the intractable terrorist.

When most of the movers and shakers in the CIA weren't so sure of who lived in the compound, "John" was, and pushed for an operation to take out Bin Laden. For months, Obama fretted over who or who was not in the compound, finally giving the go ahead in April. The CIA is being rightfully cautious in not revealing the names of those operatives involved in discovering the whereabouts of the murderer and assassin, bin Laden.

"John" toiled for ten years like a bloodhound on a fresh trail. His

I understand the prez's trepidation, but sometimes you just have to trust the person who has been dogging the trail of the most wanted man in the world. From September to April, the operation was grinding to a point of exposing the Islamic villain. "John" knew the courier would lead to the terrorist leader, and he kept updating the memo with fresh information. He finally had his man.

The fact that Pakistan was harboring the criminal is something that our country's heads of state should be deeply contemplating. This country has taken billions of dollars from us every year, and yet with the other hand has been doing some covering up of villainous acts and villainous people. In actual fact, that is an act of war. Yet, one of the most embarrassing presidents we've ever had is twiddling thumbs while Pakistan continues to accept billions of our tax payer dollars.

Yes, we need friends in that area of the world, but we need to be chary of friends with knives in their hands and fake smiles on their faces.

Whatever you want to say about the CIA and some of its more unsavory acts in times past, this agency did not just the United States but the whole world a great service in destroying the head of the snake called al-Qaeda.
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