Iraq more deadly than a year ago

Associated Press reports that U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr. called "a summer of uncertainty" in Baghdad over whether American forces will stay past a year-end withdrawal deadline and continue military aid for the unstable nation. Iraq is more deadly now than a year ago in a 172-page report.

AP notes, "The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction report can be found at "

There are two basic reasons for the increased hostilities in Iraq from the insurgents. 1.) They are incredibly stupid in trying to force out the military by the December deadline. OR 2.) They are blind to the possibilities of an American-free Iraq. 

All they have to do is sit tight for a few months, focus their terrorism in another place and do the slight of hand trick then Obama will look through the TV screen at millions of Americans saying, "I told you so." After December, they can overrun Iraq and take it back from the now freedom loving people of Iraq. 

The plan is for the U.S. Embassy to take over training 400,000 Iraqi police after the military leaves. Hmmm, I wonder how that is going to work for them and for us. Not well, I'm positive.

If the Iraqi people truly want to continue with free elections, and live free then they need to hire some of the best S.W.A.T team trainers, and Special Forces black ops trainers to get serious about handcuffing insurgents from creating all this turmoil. It seems to me that 400,000 Navy SEALS and/or Army Rangers can whip the insurgents spoiling their most devious plans. The key, of course, is making sure the 400,000 are freedom lovers and not insurgent spies.

That's in an ideal world. 

It seems the days of $900 toilet seats is still plaguing the U.S. Taxpayer in the form of a company called Anham, LLC who has charged the military $900 for a $7.05 switch; and charged $3,000 for a $183 circuit breaker. They say they have saved the federal government $132 million, but their contracts total in the billions. I'm definitely in the wrong business, how about you? 

Stewardship falls on the shoulders of this Fat U.S. government, but he is so fat he can't bend over and tie his shoes. He's so fat, his waste is burying the taxpayer to the point of asphyxiation. 

Q4You -- So, just for grins, what would your plan be for Iraq?

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