Taxed Enough Already--What is the true cost?

Joe Biden told Reuters that compromise is not a dirty word. He is correct; it has too many letters. However when it comes to balanced budget and jump starting the economy, the Democrats don't have a blessed clue. The debt ceiling is being raised again and again with no hope of reduction until 2013. They want to focus on making the economy strong, but at what cost?

Do we not have a very good notion on what spending means to the American family budget? What happened to those people who bought more house than they could afford? What happened to those who used credit card limits to limit their spending? How did losing their jobs effect their bill paying, and consequently their tax paying? Short answer is Bankruptcy.

I am a firm believer in that one must spend money to make money, but spending wisely is the key factor, in fact the critical success factor of good business practices. It would seem the only level heads in Washington are the Tea Party members, yet they are made out to be the bad guys, and Reuters has the opinion that they are going to cost legislators their jobs because they nixed a huge spending cut bill because it had huge tax increases in it. Poppycock! Americans have been screaming for a balanced budget and spending cuts for far too long.

What is it about the word balanced that is so hard to understand?

The only reason we do not have enough in the till for Medicare and Social Security to last to Kingdom come is because sticky fingers of legislators could not keep their hands out of the bank. It's like a spendthrift husband who sees a swelling bank account and spends until it's gone forgetting the need to pay mortgage and monthly bills. Or a housewife who gets a momentary thrill from buying new stuff all the time, but hiding credit card bills, and keeping secrets from her work-weary husband.

It all boils down to self-control, which our legislators and president have proven over and over again they do not posses when trusted with our money.

Once again we prove to the world we're excellent at placing band-aids over cracks in the egg.

Thank you to Digitalart for the photo.
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