Lose weight by eating same ole same ole

The August issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports on a study about the effects of consuming the same foods on a daily basis. Basically, the results show women who ate mac and cheese every day ate fewer calories than women who ate it weekly.

I could have saved them tons of money because I knew this already. Don't you? Even people who eat steak every day get bored with steak. We get bored with eating the same food day in and day out, even when it is fixed a million different ways.

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I went on a wonderful life-changing diet where sugar, flour and milk were removed from my diet. I ate more proteins, more vegetables and even removed fake sugar and sugary fruits like oranges and bananas. After about two months of the same foods over and over I was completely bored with it and even though I had lost more than 30 pounds, I broke rank and devoured some tasty wedding cake. I was immediately sorry I did so because my acid reflux came back in full burning force, and my mood swung to the morbid. Sugar does that to me, but it also gives me a high and it is so addicting.
However, the value in eating the same meals over and over -- same ole, same ole for every Sunday, same ole for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and something different on Saturday absolutely does make a body crave less food. I would switch foods on certain days and still the boredom became pronounced to the point that I could be satisfied with much less than before. Portions were much smaller, and that full feeling came sooner, lasting longer. It truly works. The mind is a funny thing.

Now, if only I could find some sort of motivation for exercise. I ran all night last night, but I guess a dream doesn't count. Sigh...

Q4You-- Does anyone have any suggestions for some kind of fun exercise? Low impact of course...
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