Do you believe in science?

Texas governor, Rick Perry, was asked by a boy (with his mother shouting behind him) about creationism and evolution. I thought his answer was really good which went something like,  "Son, in Texas we learn about creationism and the theory of evolution." Then the mother behind the boy started shouting, "Do you believe in science? Ask him why doesn't he believe in science!"

Science isn't something you have to "believe" in. Science doesn't ask for faith. In fact, evolution isn't even a true theory because a scientific theory has to have been created in the lab first and then recreated for it to be considered a theory. If evolution was created in a laboratory, then it wouldn't be evolution, would it?

At best evolution is an assumption, or the scientific term, hypothesis. Evolution as described by Darwin is merely a concession for the sake of argument, not proven science or proven theory.

Ann Coulter has a marvelous post on flash mob mentality which has never been logical to me whatsoever. Why would anyone blindly show up at a particular address just because it flashed on your phone? How stupid can the public get? Oh, I guess this is why our forefathers set up the Electoral College. Does anyone even know what that is anymore?

I do believe that our society is becoming brain dead. We have people asking if our candidates believe in science when the only thing that requires more faith than belief in God is believing in evolution which has never been recreated in the science lab unless someone wants to claim manipulation the gene pool is evolution. But then that is actually intelligent design rather than happenstance, isn't it?

Do you believe?
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