Pill prevents HIV

Isn’t this the most fascinating thing… two studies tell us that the daily intake of a pill prevents HIV from infecting heterosexuals. That’s just grand. It’s like the morning after pill, right?

I’m wondering when are they going to invent a pill that gives you the same effect as having intercourse. Then we can all go around sucking on these pills and still be celibate – Thus, no HIV, no STDs, no horrible jealousies, actually no homosexual problems because it’ll come from a pill, nothing messy in our lives. Yet, we’ll all be walking around glowing and completely mellow.

Oh, wait! God has already done this for us. It is part of the Fruit of the Spirit and is called self-control. It’s right up there with kindness, mercy, gentleness, faith, meekness, love… there it is, self-control.

Some studies have shown that marriages between Christians are in just as much danger as marriages between atheists and agnostics, probably more so. It’s what the anti-God media would have us believe. (Another study showed 90% of all journalists did not believe in God. But, I wonder Who they pray to when trouble looms like a tornado in their lives.) When actually the percentage of divorces within the Evangelicals who attend church at least once a week is much lower than those who say they are Christian but are not affiliated with a denomination.

The point is we must look closer at the data sets. One study tells us coffee is bad, another study tells us that it is good for us. I’ll let you in on a secret. God did give us a pill that simulates sexual satisfaction. It is call chocolate. Google it and see if I’m not correct!

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