Casey Anthony: 1 more week in jail

Along with millions of others, I'm quite sure, I waited with bated breath to hear the sentencing of Casey Anthony. One year per count of lying which equals only four years in jail.

I have to add my outrage against this jury's verdict. While there wasn't one single piece of evidence that flew in their faces screaming, "She's guilty!" there were so many pieces that fitted together which did scream it. Circumstantial evidence can convict a person if all other avenues of circumstances pointing to another person can be eliminated.

There weren't any footprints in blood, or fingerprints on the tape but the single evidence that points to her guilt for me was the fact she never reported her daughter missing. That tells me she knew where her daughter was.

There was a case in Baton Rouge where an 18-month old went missing. The babysitter was fixing his dinner and then he was gone. She claimed he opened the screen door and went out without her knowledge. When they found the baby's body, he'd been dead for longer than she had reported him missing. All said and done, the sitter's boyfriend had shaken him to death. Both of them tossed him in the creek behind the house where water ran over him for hours. Everyone, including the D.A. thought the babysitter had done it. But, she reported the baby missing. I held out judgment until the trial and there the attorneys made the boyfriend spill the beans about his own involvement.

Casey spends one more week in jail, and then she's free. Well, not exactly. She faces $4,000 in fines, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in investigation restitution. Her lies caused extra work, extra costs, extra testings which means she has to pay back all those costs plus court costs. She's looking at a minimum of $115,000 to pay up. For her skill sets, that might as well be $1 million. Although, the judge never said she couldn't financially benefit from the sale of her story. So be looking for her book to be published by Putnam or Simon & Schuster coming out soon to a bookstore near you.

Unless, of course, it runs in the same vein as O.J. Simpson's book. I would seriously look askance at any publisher that sells her story. I can tell you right now she'll be pointing fingers to everyone else but herself. She'll play the victim to the nth degree. All that book will do is give evidence she actually did kill her daughter, or give evidence to her supporters that some dark stranger abducted her daughter. The fact she didn't come up with that lie proves she isn't very bright.

Kudos to her attorneys! They did a marvelous job in putting reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. I give all the jurors an "F" for failure to read evidence correctly. Casey Anthony was a very bad mother for not filing a missing person's report on her daughter. Thirty-one days go by before her mother becomes concerned enough to report it. That is the tell of guiltiness in my estimation.

However, God is the final judge when time has run out. If she never accepts Jesus as her savior, she'll have to give account for her actions back in June 2008. She won't get away with it. On the other hand, if she does accept Jesus as her savior, she's forgiven already. Praise God for that, because I have held hatred and anger in my heart against some of my brothers and sisters, and that makes me guilty of murder.

Question: Guilty or not guilty?
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