Should marriage between homosexuals be legal?

A recent poll by Gallup indicates the majority of Americans think it should be legal, in fact 53% think that way.

I've questioned Gallup poll results before but this one takes the lid off the pot. I am not prejudice against homosexuals, I am adamantly against their lifestyle and their actions since it that lifestyle is an abomination to the LORD. I'm being obedient in my beliefs.

However, this poll finding by Gallup I deeply question especially since only 28% of the respondents to the 2011 question below has this result.
1996-2011 Trend: Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

What an amazing difference from 2005 which asked the simple question, "Do you believe marriage between homosexuals should be legal?" Since the change in wording of the question by Gallup's own admission, the slow acceptance of homosexual marriages has shown a marked increase since. When you read the methodology, you see the question was asked of only half sample in three years. Hmmmm.

Does that raise anyone's eyebrows except me? What about a shocked look?

Gallup has also drawn a correlation between the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law repealed by Obama and his minions and this "trend" of acceptance. Since my own research has shown me that the majority of the military deeply resented that repeal, and do not particularly want homosexuals to be open and blatant about their sexual habits, I must disregard this as a slight of hand correlation. 

I especially like what Penny Young Nance of reported Bishop Harry Jackson said of Judge Vaughn Walker's language in his ruling:

"The implicit comparison Judge Walker made between racism and marriage is particularly offensive to me and to all of us who remember the reality of Jim Crow. It is not bigotry, it is biology that discriminates between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples."

Even in my basic research methods college class we learned from the beginning when questions change, wording changes or the method changes then the comparison's lose some credibility.

While I think polls are interesting, they still have +/- 4% to 5% accuracy; add to that the rather slippery way Gallup presented the questions, we have a brew in the pot that should be tossed out because it isn't fit for consumption.

Question: Do you believe marriage between homosexuals should be legal?
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