Why do we argue?

I love to bounce thoughts off brothers and sisters in Christ. I have to be so very careful which discussions I enter though because some of them go into phaser blast mode where no one  learns anything.

Now, it seems that everyone has an agenda.

Why is that?

Why can't everyone have patience with their siblings in Christ? I do not understand where some people get their interpretations, either. I know we are reading the same Book, but I do not think we are reading the Whole Book and taking into consideration the Whole of Scripture. That must be the case and why we have such a difficult time agreeing. I find agendas exhausting.

Some want just the OT without the inconvenience of obeying the commands of Jesus-all 1001 of them.
Some want just the warm fuzzy God, who will let everyone into Heaven just because He is so good and loving.
Some insist that only a very few will get into Heaven because God predestined them.
Some do not know what the resurrection means.
Some do not believe in the Triune God, even though Jesus speaks of the Triune.
Some are content with half-truths.
Some are content with half-lies.
Some would judge rather than love.

I find it very exhausting.

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly and settle this unsettlement
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