Loose lips of Obama admin are a dangerous liability

Back in Jefferson's day, or even back in Eisenhower's day if someone were to leak state secrets they were considered traitors and what they did was treason. Plain and simple. Anyone found guilty of treason was executed. Today it's only an oopsie, or perhaps if it's really bad, they get a slap on the wrist.

Bradley gets in a twit of anger and leaks all kinds of state secrets and what's happened to him? Now two lamebrains from the White House blab out loud to the AP about some secrets and want to remain anonymous because they aren't authorized to talk about that particular secret. Self-preservation only applies to their own hides and either for love of money or love of the press casting them goo goo eyes, they eagerly share all rumors whether fact or fiction.

It's the kind of thing that is happening regularly in the Obama admin. From Obama  advertising full-page in every newspaper in the country what day U.S. troops are pulling out of Iraq to Secretary of State letting fly with some other military strategies in another country (was it Argentina?) somewhere in South America, to White House aids who heard one of our own is, was, maybe a CIA agent. The White House shoots back that Pakistan had already accepted the man into the diplomatic corps at the US Embassy.

This proves beyond any doubt those in control of our highest office don't care one whit for the lives of our citizens who are risking life and limb in service to our country.

Why can't they clap a trap over their protruding flappers when it comes to the safety of our own over seas?

It seems no government personnel who is above pay grade 12 can slap a muzzle on their tongue to keep all the juicy tidbits to themselves. They are so hungry for attention and for, oh let me just be blunt, hungry for the temporary rush spilling their guts to the press gives them. Or is it they aren't making enough money and need to go on the AP's payroll, or pitch a post to the Washington Post, or Huff a song to Huffington?

I am beyond indignant. I am furious that traitors are not tried and convicted of treason and as convicted traitors are not executed. In my estimation, capital punishment is the only just punishment for anyone who puts American families in the line of fire.
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