Outlawing Bully Talk

I have written a lot about bullying, and I still find it appalling that children are still doing it. What I do not find surprising is that the LGBT proponents have tucked that verbiage into their bag of tricks to twist the arm of America into believing homosexual lifestyle is normal. How you ask?

The last week of January was the "No Name Calling Week" which was partnered by Barnes & Noble as well as Simon & Shuster with a large grant from Cisco. Lesson plans were available for free and for high school students the focus was this:

This lesson is designed to help draw high school students' attention to anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (anti-LGBT) bullying, name-calling and harassment.

Imagine, a whole week geared to nothing but drawing attention to anti-homosexual bullying. 

I am so glad my daughters have long since graduated, but I fear for my future grandchildren because they will be forced to choke down adages which will go against what they are taught at home as in Biblical Principles and what God says is good and right, as well as what God says is an abomination.

This is just another jaunt of Satan's into the subtleties of words that make sin politically correct. Bullying is an epidemic. Bullying of homosexuals is just a minor part of a huge problem. Bullying on the schoolyard and in the classroom is just a portion of the enormous problem of bullying worldwide -- in the workplace, in cyberspace, on the road (road rage), at the grocery store, on television, shock jock media personalities, most especially in the movie industry, and in politics.

Christians are usually the brunt of more bullying than any other group and Jesus prophesied it would be so before He ever went to the cross. But are Christians up in arms about the harsh treatment we receive from bosses, college professors, cyber bullies, neighbors, committee members, board members? We are bullied because the bullies see Jesus in us and hate it. We turn the other cheek because Jesus said to. That doesn't mean He taught us to be doormats. It is urgently time for Christians to pay attention to what is being pumped into our children's ears! Wake up America! We're losing the battle, here, and it's messy.

Read the article by Rebecca Burgoyne, CFC Research Analyst by clicking on the title of this article
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