Wondering and Soaring

Deu 32:11 As the eagle stirs up its nest; it hovers over its young; it spreads out its wings and takes it, and bears it on its wing.

I want God to bear me up on His wing!

I am wondering what God has in store for me. I was so certain that I would be hired by the Public Library and I would have a job for life around my most favorite things in the world -- BOOKS! Now, I'm back searching, rummaging, turning over rocks for a job. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of work-at-home jobs out there which amount to get rich scams in my opinion.

I found one that is not. I was hired by a company to call around the nation to find out how well people like their newspapers and yellow pages. I would make about $150 per week and they would not let me work full time at the job (can't pay me any benefits at all). On the surface, this looked like a great job... but, after self-employment tax (that includes medicare and SSI) I would make about $3 an hour. Am I wrong to turn that down? $3 an hour won't pay my college loan, much less all my other bills.

How often do we turn down things that look "bad" in the beginning but actually are blessings? I'm wondering if I did that.

I went to "town" with my HBL to buy paint on Monday. We had hardly gotten there and negotiated new tires for his car before my Mom called and said she had to go to the eye doctor in the city. Last week she had seen bright flashes of light which means that her macular degeneration is doing things to her eyes that make her lose more of her eyesight. She had just gotten an injection to help with her eyesight. (That's a whole 'nother story!) So, we had to rush to get the paint and the other things while they put tires on his car.

I was supposed to help Cleve paint his house, but instead, I was driving Mom to the doctor. It's what I do. I'm blessed to be here for Mom. She needs me and God designed things here specifically for that purpose. Therefore, I know God has something for me to do so that I can be there for my Mom, but I'm wondering what it is.

I am really enjoying my engagement, but I don't want to still be engaged this time next year--I want to be married. To be married, I must have a job so that we can maintain two households (ours and his Mom's). So I'm wondering what God has planned.

Have you ever noticed in the Bible that when God "remembers" someone, things happen? God remembered Noah and all the living things in the ark... God remember Rachel and she got pregnant with Joseph... God remembered His covenant with Abraham and He brougth Israel out from slavery... God remembered Hannah...

One of my favorite remember verses is

Numbers 10:9 And when you go into battle in your land against the foe distressing you, then you shall blow with the trumpets, and you shall be remembered before Jehovah your God. And you shall be saved from your enemies.

Father God remember me and provide me with a job I can do where I can bring You glory and honor and praise because it is truly all about You and not about me. In Jesus name and for His sake. I ask this because I know that being within Your will is the best and more desirous place to be. I'm just asking that You remember me and make things happen for Your glory.
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