How do you choose a church?

I was doing a bit of research and discovered this post I wrote five years ago. Sometimes I astound myself at how well I listen to God's promptings when I write. Then I wonder, why can I not hear as clearly today? Then I realize I'm still hearing Him, He is just saying something different.

How do you choose a church?
Do you visit and visit and then one day you walk in a church and just know... this is it? This is where God wants me?

Do you wait to see who comes to visit after you've visited?

Do you go to the church were the most people have invited you?

Is driving 30 minutes to go to church too far even if the people are really friendly?

I'll tell you, just about every church I have belonged to has been "on the hunt" for a pastor. Side note: I think there are too few God-called pastors which is why it takes so long for a church to find The Man God has called to the church.

The trouble is not finding A church. In Picayune there are so many churches one would think that there aren't enough people to fill them all. This town is a church going town. The problem is finding THE church that God desires us to join, roll up our sleeves and get to work. THE church.

So. How does one get to work in a church that doesn't have time to go visit the visitors?

How does one get to work in a church that is friendly and has a great preacher and the people love him so much that they flock around him after service so that no one else can shake his hand or so that he can search out the visitors and ask them to come back?

How does one get to work in a church that is so far out it takes 30 minutes to just get there?

How does one get to work when a church has lost its pastor, its associate pastor and the music minister all in the space of about 3 months? Who's at the helm?

Ahhhh... but, wouldn't that church be the one that needs the willing worker? Wouldn't that church be the one that needs the prayer warriors? Isn't that the church that would be surprised if someone would join when there wasn't a pastor instead of waiting to join along with a whole flock of people joining the day a new pastor steps into the pulpit?

Is it up to us to choose or is it God's choice?
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