US judge and Mississippi Law

A U.S. judge blocked enforcement of a Mississippi law which requires Ob-Gyn physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges to a hospital. You know, the kind of law that makes sure if something goes terribly wrong, the mother can go to the hospital. The baby is killed, but at least give the mother advanced medical treatment if she starts bleeding to death. The judge it studying the law for Constitutionality.

Whether or not a state allows abortions is the state's decision which means the state can put laws in place to regulate the abortions. You can read all about state laws here.

Like most of his kind these days, Judge Daniel Jordan will write law for Mississippi. I'm increasingly disgruntled with The System these days. Justice may be blind, but there is no place for judges to make laws that undermine states' authority like they have done in Arizona and with Obamacare.

God gave us freedom. It is an inalienable right which means it is God-given. When we remove God from our lives, our court systems, our legislative systems, and from the executive branch, then we open up the floodgates for slavery to the system and to those who usurp authority.

God did not give us freedom over other people's freedoms and rights. God has charged us with our children's care and upbringing, not ownership of our children or abortion of our children. God has charged us to love our neighbor as ourselves, not to usurp authority over our neighbor as Obama has done in his fight for power over the American people.

After this mandate to purchase healthcare or pay a huge tax (call it what they will,  penalties can only  be levied on taxes), what comes next? Will we be mandated to keep our mouths shut or be taxed--uh, penalized? Will we be stripped of our right to own guns? Will we be taxed because we eat too much? If we're over a certain body weight will that cause a penalty because it increases the cost of healthcare?  Will the number of children per family be limited to regulate costs?

The Ten Commands
Jesus told us that the Law pinpoints consequences of disobedience to the law. It doesn't make a person obey it. The law has no power, and can never change a person's heart attitude. In fact, the law cannot force anyone into a particular action. Only 1) fear of the consequences or 2) deep desire to please the lawgiver can change action or change attitudes. The System is failing.
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