perpetual starter

Sometimes I think I am God's starter. He is constantly putting me in places where I am allowed to start so many good things, then He takes me out of that situation seemingly for no reason.

I lost my job on Friday. No reason given except they said they wanted the Chamber to go in a different direction. Let's see... The Chamber has more money in the bank that it had ever had before, it has more members than it ever had before. We had 6 new members within the first two weeks of the year... and they want the Chamber to go in a different direction. I hate to think which direction they want it to go.

Ah well, God will bless me in a different way, I have no doubt. He never takes away something without giving something back of much greater value. I've experienced this many times over. He will provide, not because I deserve it, but because He promised it... not because I believe it, but because God keeps His promises.
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