What's the matter with me?

I am looking at this beautiful blog that I literally slaved over for several years and I've let it go more than a month without posting anything here. I don't know what the matter is.

I think of something and I'll want to blog about it... but then think, oh I can't say that, it's too personal. Or I can't talk about that because too many people come here and they'll know who I'm talking about. I must lead too public a life, or perhaps I'm becoming to politic.

So, I've spead myself very thin, with not much meat at any one place except Live As If... I don't even know if my computer will hold up much longer.

Perhaps holding back from spilling one's guts is the proper thing to do, but how will anyone learn if the guts are not spilled?

So perhaps the lesson is not in choosing what to say, but in choosing what not to say. Frankly, I wish I had more time. I'd love to do more hand crafts, to read more GOOD books, to write more, study more, go to more classes, to finish my quilt I started 3 years ago... Perhaps, it is all about choices. Choosing how to spend the 24/7 I've been given.
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