The inside track

The Holy Spirit is the best gift ever! I have been blogging for only about a month and already I have found some great Christians that I consider friends because the Holy Spirit in me recognizes the Holy Spirit in them. Amazing! That's one of those mysteries that Paul talks about, I'm sure, because I live in different states and feel a kinship with my brothers and sisters in Christ deeper and more sweet than I have with some folks in my church. I know you know what I mean.

I would like to add some blogs to the sidebar but after staying up all hours trying to figure that out, I've given up for now. I have several tests to take and I know God will provide the knowledge somehow. In the mean time some beautiful people I've found so far: Kim, Nancy, Beth, Fran (who btw joined BlogExplosion which is how I found the other Christian bloggers) there are a lot more but there is so little time (a complaint I've noticed many have.)

Oh, granny... there goes my neighbor driving across my yard again! One day soon I will describe life in rural Louisiana.
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