The Outside of Enough

I am sick of sexual activity being shoved down my throat. Is it right to open the bedroom door and invite all kinds of media in? Is it right that I have to pay for it on my cable or network?

Not just "NO!" but may the fleas of a thousand camels invade the arm pits of those who are trying to do just that. Excerpt from AFA Action Alert email letter received today and my comments:

You probably aren't aware that Johnson & Johnson is also a charter advertiser on the homosexual network LOGO.
No, I wasn't! Thank you for letting me know this. According to their commercials they are a family owned corporation interested in family. This is a surprise to me that they are actually interested in promoting open bedroom door policies.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson's committment to financially support homosexuality, it is only a short time before this premiere homosexual-based network will become a part of your local cable package (if it isn't already).
It is not. Praise God! But how long before I'll have to cut off my dish net because this garbage will be put on my TV?

While Johnson & Johnson voluntarily helps get the network off the ground, you will be forced to pay for it as part of your regular cable bill.
No, I won't. I won't pay for something that should remain behind closed doors. This is why I don't get the movie channels because the 1 or 2 good movies are far overshadowed by the filthy.

My problem is not homosexuality. That's been going on for eons. My problem is that there is a force at work here that is demanding a pat on the back and an assurance that the behavior is okay. Why do they need assurance that it's okay? If there is ever a question if something is wrong or right, then 99 times out of 100 it is wrong. Why does any homosexual need to advertise what he/she does in private? Keep it behind closed doors! Please.

But, wait! I'm not done. It seems that the American Public is being deceived about a lot of things. For instance, if someone from Pluto were to watch American television in order to form an opinion about what American laugh about, cry about, and what is normal, then the Plutonian would understand that
  1. adultery is normal and something to laugh about
  2. homosexuality is also normal and quite funny as well
  3. sex before marriage is absolutely necessary
  4. children are rulers of the home
  5. murder cases are solved in one hour
  6. the bad guys are always caught
  7. and even though many children are kidnapped every year, if the child is blonde and beautiful the media is outraged at the colossal gall of the kidnapper.

Too bad our morals are judged by TV and Movies. Much to my surprise and amazement what we have been fed by the media is a lie.

According to a recent study by Dr. Helen Tishin (<- I can't read my writing, I think that is how it is spelled.) reported on Good Morning America or Today or CBS (my mom switches whenever a commercial comes on), that

  • 75% of American men do not commit adultery
  • only 11% of American women admit to cheating
  • 21% of men admit to cheating
  • but, 90% of all American say that adultery is wrong
  • 17% of all divorces result from cheating
  • of divorces caused by adultery, less than 10% of the adulterers marry their lover

Is it just me? Are those figures staggering to anyone but me? Here I thought that 50% of all marriages ended in divorce and those were caused by adultery (I see it on TV, it must be right!)

It is the power of saturation, I think. When we see it over and over we think it has permeated society when in actual fact, it is far less frequent than we realize. Does saturation make it more right? Does Society dictate what is normal and what is right? Or is it up to the individual to establish the Line of Enough, put on the armor and say, "I've tolerated as much as I'm going to tolerate. Do not cross this line!"

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