About Gentleness

Okay... after studying the resouce that lovely and sweet Pia gave me (thank you so very much!) and the Vine's resource that my oh, so precious friend and sister Julianne gave me...

I am convinced the gentleness is so closely akin to kindness that I shall move on to the next one in Fruit of the Spirit which is Fidelity... Faithfulness. Kindness is already written, if you'd like to read it. One day when I have lots of time, I will do a thingy on the sidebar with all the stories I've written. I may even start another blog and give you a few chapters of a book I wrote called Running From Shadows. I would be greatly interested to see what y'all think of that one :)

Okay... on to Fidelity. This one is going to be intense, I think. I have had two husbands who didn't know what the word meant. Jesus name written on His thigh will be Faithful and True.

But... my goal is to write about a person in the Bible about which there is very little or "not much" written who exhibits Fidelity.

Question: What does fidelity mean to you?
Question: Do you know someone barely mentioned in the Bible that exhibits this quality?
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