I'm so glad it's Friday... it's a holiday weekend... I might even get to visit with my HBL for longer than a few minutes on the phone. Better yet... let's go FISHING! This is my beautiful Lake Bruin. Best vacation spot in the world and I live here :)

I'm working on Kindness so, we'll pause from the Fruit today and let me give you an...

~~~:.:~~~ UPDATE ~~~:.:~~~
I'm now part time employed. I write flash cards (didn't you always wonder who wrote those flash cards that went with your text books... oh, come on... of course you did :) I say part time, because that won't pay the bills, but it will be fun to do and help pay the bills until I finally get that really good job that God has for me.
I have to admit, searching for a job that I can do over the internet instead of punching a clock has been quite interesting. Answering ads and sending out resumes was quite routine with zero responses except for those MLM--multilevel marketing -- "opportunities" and I just cannot get heart-stoppingly excited about air filters. It just doesn't do it for me. I have learned that CareerBuilder has an excellent collection of jobs (over 4 million last time I checked) and will even send some very interesting ones to your inbox. What service! I got my part time job from CareerBuilders.
Today, while I'm helping Mom run some errands and get her car lubed and oiled and all those other under the hood thingys that we must do else our cars sound alarms and stop dead in the highway, I work a little on my lap top and make a few follow up phone calls on my cell phone.
Technology! There is nothing like it. It used to be so simple and waiting rooms used to be quite things where the only sound was the occasional flip of a magazine page, a muffled cough and perhaps a murmured conversation. Then came the beepers. I still recall having to pull to the side of the road in the pouring rain to answer a page from my boss and that allowed him to add another appointment to my Friday calls. Then comes the car phone age... Thankfully, I avoided those!
Now... my doctor calls while I'm forking chimmychunga into my mouth. Of course I know I misspelled that, but I'm not Spanish or Mexican. You know what I'm talking about so why worry about spelling? So I talk to him about my blood work and my medication while there are... oh... about 40 people within hearing distance. Fortunately, I didn't have to say anything personal.
Then, I get caught in the middle of Walmart right between the T-shirts and capri pants and this would have been a for real, honest to goodness JOB interview, if I'd been at home in front of my trusty laptop. But, no, I'm standing there watching my Mom rummage through T-shirts with her magnifying glass to find the right size while I'm talking about government contracts. I felt totally displaced and inadequate.
How can anyone talk business like that? God did not intend for us to do business like that. If He had, He would have invented cell phones along with Man.
"The party you are trying to reach is out of the service area. Please try your call again at a later time."
On second thought... maybe that is exactly what happened.
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